Friday, November 5, 2010

Update on recent events

Hey all.

So I bet you're wondering why this page is just sitting here collecting dust these days. Well that's largely because of a number of things. For one, school work became overwhelmingly hard for both Andrew and I this past year. Neither of us had the time to really sit down and commit to a weekly review and post due to our schedules. Since then, I have graduated and moved away from school. Unfortunately, that has made getting together for reviewing all the more difficult, as Andrew is still back in Amherst. That puts about an hour and a half between us, so weekly reviews became nigh impossible.

However we have talked and we both would absolutely like to keep reviewing. Honestly, we miss it. We miss posting, and we miss you guys, our fans. (Or what few of you are left lol). Point is, we know we've been gone for far too long, but we are going to meet up this weekend, hang out, and then hopefully come up with some kind of plan to get things rolling again. And after a year or so of nothingness (and one spectacularly failed idea on my part), Zookah WILL be back up and running soon.

As for what has been going on in our lives hookah wise, lets just say we've been learning many things over the past year and with new product releases that we are pretty excited about, we've got plenty on our plates to get through. So stay tuned and you'll hear from us soon.


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  1. Oh boy Oh Boy! I can't wait! I'm literally on the edge of my seat to read more reviews about...Potion? Come on guys, when you make a comeback it will hopefully be a good one. The hookah internet community is in a shambles...maybe this site will be a knight in shining armor?

  2. u log seems to be more interesting but u don't have a very recent updates or information . can u update more news ASAP.

  3. good one, but not more stuff from the blog, willing to see more from you..

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