Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hookah-Hookah Banana Review

Hookah-Hookah Banana

-5 hits/person across 10 minutes
-4 individuals in the circle
-40mm Golden coal offest holes with a ventilation hole opposite
-Foil rotated every couple hits
-Ophelia filled with ice water

First Impressions:
We got the Hookah-Hookah Banana as a shot, kindly donated by one David Sokolowski. Shisha was finely cut, slightly dry and quite oily. Smell was only vaguely reminiscent of bananas.

Post Mortem:
Though we only smoked for a very short time, we already saw the spectacular shriveling of the tobacco that we soon found typical of Hookah-Hookah shisha.

-Moderately thick smoke

-Little to no flavor
-Any flavor it had was completely unrelated to bananas
-No buzz

Andrew's Thoughts:
This flavor was not a pleasant introduction to Hookah-Hookah shisha. In fact, there was very little about it that was pleasant. To be sure, we got some good smoke out of it, but try as we might, all we got was a vague aluminum-like taste, soon followed by what I assume was the flavor of the tobacco itself, which was remarkably similar to wild rice. In short, there is nothing remotely bananaish about Hookah-Hookah Banana, and I cannot in good conscience recommend this shisha to anyone.

Eric's Thoughts:
Any hesitations I had in trying Hookah-Hookah shisha were pretty much confirmed. Admittedly it could have been far worse, but that by no means exonerates it from its sub-par performance. The smoke was pretty thick, but there was absolutely no flavor. The shisha itself seemed rather dry, and while this could be attributed to a "bad shot", I personally consider any sample of a shisha as indicative of that flavor as produced by that brand as a whole. And to claim that the shots are somehow exempt from this scrutiny is a cop out. Bottom line is, it smelled vaguely chemically like banana upon opening, but as a smoke, it produced no flavor.

Peanut Gallery:
(Caroline) It was kind of like smoking stale banana bread. Gross.

Oily and weird before, chemical and bland during, and shriveled and bizarre after, Hookah-Hookah Banana is unlikely to satisfy even the least discriminating hookah lover.


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  1. Whys is it that when I click on the hyperlinked Ophelia, I get sent to your roman-mint page?

  2. because that review explains who Ophelia is.

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